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The Grasselli products range grew considerably to include a rich variety of solutions for the cutting, portioning and derinding of meats, studied and created to meet the highest demands and quality requirements in the food industry.



Cutting-edge solutions for the processing of fresh meat. Machines designed and built to obtain extreme cutting precision, high yields and easy to sanitize.

NSL 400/600

Vertical meat slicer for obtaining perfectly even slices of bone-in or boneless meat, thanks to the Grasselli multi-blade cutting system.


Horizontal slicer for fresh boneless meats with a cutting capacity of over 2,000 kg/h and extreme precision in the thickness of the slices.

ST 200

Compact meat slicer and meat tenderiser that combines all the functions of a meat slicer, cuber and tenderiser in a single machine.


Compact vertical slicer for fresh boneless meats, extremely versatile, easy to install in any work environment.