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NSL 400/600


Vertical meat slicer for obtaining perfectly even slices of bone-in or boneless meat, thanks to the Grasselli multi-blade cutting system.

Extreme precision even for thinner slices, and high yields: a technologically advanced solution for processing fresh meat.


  • Optional quick blade changing system for replacing the entire set of blades in just a few minutes.
  • No tools needed to prepare for the cleaning process, sanitation and blade replacement.
  • Adjustable cutting parameters to allow the maximum quantity of product to be sliced.
  • Possibility to slice bone-in meats without chipping.
  • Possibility to cut also crust frozen meats with a temperature of -4/-5 degrees.
  • Extremely versatile with a wide range of cutting options.
  • Cutting-edge design with continuous welding and rounded edges to ensure greater hygiene.
  • Special solutions available on request (such as cutting chambers with differentiated cutting thicknesses).


  • Cutting capacity up to 2,000 kg/h depending on the product conditions.
  • Possibility to cut both boneless meats (minimum thickness 2.5 mm) and bone-in meats.
  • Sectioned meat pressing system for cutting bone-in products on the BI version.
  • NSF certified outfeed conveyor belt.
  • Automated blade tension adjustment system.
  • Built-in automatic lubrication system.
  • Frame in food-grade non-radioactive Stainless steel.


Height:1410 mm – 55.50″
Width:986 mm – 38.82″
Depth:1450 mm – 57.09″
Weight:590 Kg – 1300 lb
Motor power:4.2 / 5.5 Kw
Noise level:68 db
Working width:396 mm – 15.59″
Maximum product height:180 mm – 7.09″
Minimum slicing pitch boneless meat:2,5 mm – 0.09″
Minimum slicing pitch bone-in meat:10 mm – 0.39″
Air consumption:30 lt/min